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 Patient: Nikkita Ivanova

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PostSubject: Patient: Nikkita Ivanova   Tue Feb 23, 2010 6:25 pm

What's in your head,
In your head,

Patient #: 7
Name: Lt. Nikkita Ivanova (Nicknamed Kit, K.I.T, or Zombie)
Gender: Female
Age: 19

Appearance: [picture coming soon]
Hair: Short, choppy, DARK brown.
Eyes: Usually brown, occasionally hazelish or gold.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130lbs
Normally stoic, or blank faced, and tense. Authoritarian.

Mental Illnesses:
Schizophrenia: Too broad to describe in full. This patient suffers from Delusions, flashbacks, panic attacks, complete lack of sympathy, and deja vu.
Anxiety Disorder: Blanket term for many pathological fears and anxieties.
Paranoid Personality Disorder; [i]A disease in which the sufferer is generally suspicious of others

Nightmare Disorder including Night Terrors; During the first part of sleep, the victim is often severely frightened. They will move, suffering delusions outwardly, but will not respond to stimuli (Night Terror). The individual suffers from excess nightmares when able to sleep still.
Vorarephilia-This will most likely not occur in roleplays here, due to it's nature. A paraphilia where arousal occurs from the thought of being eaten alive, eating another alive, or watching the occurance.

Nikkita's personality is rather dangerous. She can't allow herself to get bored, and is often found focusing on something, or manually working. She tries very hard to hide and control her mental illnesses, as she hates the attention it brings her. Nikkita often clenches her jaw, and it is an early warning sign of irritation. Although she tries to be stoic, is not completely cut off from sympathy, there are instances where pure emotion surges out of her like the explosion of a mighty dam. The most common emotions shown are negative or neutral. When angry, Kit will clench her jaw and attempt every trick in the book to remain calm, but if it gets to her breaking point, she will lash out in search of blood. When depressed, it can only be detected by those who know her very well. She will change her breathing to be more noticeable. Most noticeable is her expression of fear or anxiety, where her eyes will widen and if she is unable to maintain control through self inflicted pain or personal discipline, she will break out into a panic attack. Kit hates it. When happy, she is seemingly indifferent, causing others to believe she is impossible to please or coldhearted.

Ivanova has imaginary friends. Yep, I just went out there and said it. The problem is that she believes she lives in two seperate worlds, the hell she goes to when she's asleep, and the hell she sees with other people. Both of her friends are highly intellectual, and do as they please. She does not mention them to anybody, but they are just as real to her as the doctors and patients. In that second place, she constantly relives flashbacks that are not necessarily hers, because they couldn't be hers. She is only nineteen, and the delusions are based on a World War Two setting. Nevertheless, she will wake up screaming if she doesn't tape her mouth. She will also thrash, attack, and run nowhere during Night Terrors, so it would be best advised to let her tie herself up at night.

Nikkita is a pilot- or so she was, before one of her imaginary friends and a false flashback drove the beautiful craft into the ground, killing over one hundred people. Not much is known about her before that, except that she was an exceptional hardworker, well disciplined, and astonishing in her work. Still, it only takes one time to ruin a lifetime.
She also served in the military, but only made it to Lieutenant (of Aviation) before her off duty work as a commercial pilot crashed and burned- literally. This military discipline is kept with her at all times, explaining her coping methods.
Lt. Nikkita Ivanova would like to leave now. She does not want to be here.

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PostSubject: Re: Patient: Nikkita Ivanova   Tue Feb 23, 2010 7:13 pm

Ohoho~ she can be very useful! Accepted.
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Patient: Nikkita Ivanova
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