Welcome to Abattoir, where patients are treated with the best respect! Just watch your back and bring spare clothes. You'll be here for a long time...~
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The Doctor

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PostSubject: WELCOME TO THE HOSPITAL.   Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:23 am

Welcome to Abattoir Asylum! You're here either because you 1) are a doctor here, or 2) you are a patient. Regardless, I hope you enjoy your stay!

Please, watch your step. This building isn't one of the most stable...

The Head Doctor Abel will direct you around. (Though, just call him the Doctor. He hates his name.) Listen to his orders, though there may be something shady about him...

Enjoy your stay, please and thanks! Make sure to read the Code of Conduct; post your resum├ęs or your admittance forms. That will be all!
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