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 William De Marr

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PostSubject: William De Marr   Thu Mar 25, 2010 4:35 am

This is a multi-chaptered story and is also 18+, mostly for violence and gore. Anyone who is 18- shouldn’t read it. I physically cant stop you but just know you’ve been warned.

Well hello there. I have decided I shall tell you everything. Not the stuff the media said, not what the cops wrote in their reports and not the hearsay of the victims families. No, I shall tell you the truth. The real truth of everything I’ve done, all the things I’ve seen and all the people I’ve killed. If you do not wish to hear such a thing you can walk out of the room right now and he will pretend his conversation never happened. I can understand the unwillingness to see the dark side of me. Usually I show a smile to the world and move like I haven’t a care in the world. That is far from the truth you see. You still have a chance to back out, leaving your curiosity unfulfilled or you risk seeing me for what I really am and becoming disgusted with me.

The choice is yours after all but if you walk out, I will never speak of this topic again, so choose wisely….



So, you decided to stay, eh? Well I commend you for your bravery. You may leave at any time during the story I assure you. I will probably prattle on as if you’ve never left. I don’t really care you see but I need to get the story of my chest and out into the open, at least for you anyway. Just so you know what your getting yourself into.

Now I suppose I should begin at the way beginning, right? I mean, that’s where most stories start. Though I’ve always enjoyed the ones that started at the end and worked their way backwards…. I digress. I’m starting to loose the topic. Shall we begin?



A young boy, no older than ten waddled into the house at the call of his name. He was hunkered down by the wood he’d been chopping outside with his fathers old fire axe for the stove tonight. It was going to be a very cold night, his mother warned. Cold winter nights in Copenhagen, Denmark. Always so goddamn cold.

William had the look of his mother. A beautiful green eyed angel with hair of rough spun gold. She was full French and possessed all the sophistication and class that any man could ever hope for. She fell in love with a Full blooded Dane, despite the fact he only had a wooden home and not much else. Regardless they fell in love and had two beautiful children. The oldest was William Prato De Marr. William never cared much for his middle name so he always left it out of forms in his later years. The younger of the two was his precious sister Emma Lane De Marr.

Emma was always a wonder. She was born ill and had to be in bed almost all the time. She had only been a few months old when father passed away so she didn’t even remember him. She had his look though. Dark haired with beautiful blue eyes. William saw him every time he looked at her. Was that a good thing? Sometimes. Father had been a hard working and strict man but loved his wife and children. Anytime he’d beaten William for insolence, it had been for his own good. The greater good, his father liked to call it. “Turn you into a man faster instead of some pussy French boy.”

Mother was overbearing and protective. After any beatings she always rushed to him, sobbing and clutching little William against her bosom. She’d sob that she regretted marring such a cruel man, despite the love he showed the whole family most of the time. Did William despise the man for his behavior? Not a first. Only after his death did resentment start to build in the small child. He was left with all the manly duties of the household and he was barely three when his father passed into the next life. Despite all the labor the poor child was put under, he did not become bulky. Instead he gained wiry muscle under is seemingly soft skin.

William looked up and his mother after putting the wood in the pile by the stove and wiping his brow of slightly cold sweat. “oui, Mamma?”

She smiled radiantly at her sons use of French. “Please go check on Emma. It’s getting late and I want to see if she’s asleep or not.”

William nodded and took off his cap before hanging it on the rack. Mother kept his gold hair short so he would look more presentable if company came. No company EVER came but his mother was in her own little world now and had been for quite some time. Going from rich to poor was a hasty transition for her and she never really adjusted. Though she loved William’s hair and was constantly maintaining it for him. Combing it, cutting it to length and smoothing it out when he came inside from his work in the snow covered yard.

William ran up the stairs and walked right into the room that he, his sister and his mother had to share. The beds were modest and wooden. Father had made them all those years ago. They had heavy wool sheets from when they had sheep a few years back but father had to kill them for food. In fact…William was hungry. It had been two days since he last ate. There was just nothing…Mother swore that they’d eat tomorrow though and William had no choice but to believe her.

“Emma? Are you up?”

Emma sat up from the bed with a smile. Her face was feverish but she was wide awake. “Ja, big brother.”

Will frowned and crawled into the bed with her. He stayed atop the blankets, not wishing her to get cold by touching his frigid clothes. “Momma would be mad to see that you haven’t slept.”

“well…I was hungry brother. I couldn’t sleep.”

He pet her dark hair, cringing only slightly at the father-like look she gave him. “I know precious, I know. I’m hungry too, but Momma promised we’d eat tomorrow and it’s late. You should try to sleep.”

Emma looked nervous. “will you stay with me until I do, big brother?”

Will nodded and let her rest her head on his shoulder despite the chill from his coat. After a few minutes, Emma spoke again.

“Are we going to die, William?”

William tried not to think about death, especially with his family’s poor conditions and his beloved ill sister. There was so much fear in her voice that it made him lie.

“No, Emma. We will be fine.”

she relaxed, instantly trusting her big brother…. Such a pretty little fool. Little did either of them know, this would be the last night she breathes.

A loud bang and a muffles scream downstairs made them both go silent. Even their breathing stopped making noise as they listened for the cause of the noise. They could hear the yells of their mother and the shouting of t least two men. Will never figured out how come they picked this small piece of shit cabin, basically out in the middle of nowhere to rob. Perhaps they thought I’d be easy and fun.

Footsteps banged up the stairs so hard that Will was almost certain they would break. The door basically broke as a large man burst in, dressed in black and eyed the two children on the bed. He wore a mask to hide his face but William always remembered those small beady brown eyes and still does to this day. He seized each of them by the arm, hefting them up like weightless dolls as he dragged them out of bed and down the stairs. William struggled but refused to scream. He could almost hear his father chastising him in his head. “Be a man. Men don’t scream when they’re hit.” His sister Emma was crying loudly and wailing in heart wrenching tones. It made Will cringe again. He’d give anything to make it stop.

The sobs were cut off as the front door was flung open and they both were flung like rag dolls into the snow. William sputtered as Snow filled his shirt and he could hear that mans horrid laughter behind him. Emma started crying again, joined by the sobs of their mother who was being held down in the snow nearby, by another robber. He big man grabbed him by the nape of his neck and kept him flat against the cold, unforgiving ground. His other hand held Emma who wailed weakly now. The cold was not good for her and Will knew if she didn’t get inside soon, she’d freeze to death. The robber made him turn his head and watch. Watch as the other robber violated his mother. Every time he squeezed his eyes shut to block out the image another sharp squeeze would make his eyes snap open in blaring, fiery pain. It took awhile but they finished. Emma had stopped crying and only whimpered softly beside him. He wanted to reach out and stroke her hair…tell her everything was going to be okay…but he couldn’t. the robber made that quite impossible.

His mother was sobbing and bleeding. The robber who had just raped her, spit on her face in disgust. “Oi. Winy woman. Shut yer hole!” He produced a black gun from his pocket and placed it against her temple, before firing with no hesitation.

William’s eyes widened and Emma screamed again. She was screaming for mother but William kept his mouth firmly closed in a strait determined line. He was determined not to join her in her wailings, despite the fact he could feel tears burning at his eyes.

“Ye got the have all the fun, James!” The big robber who held the two children down spoke.

“Then have ye fun with the brats. They still got holes, don’t they?”

The big robber laughed. “well come and hol’ the little screamin’ one den.”

The robber named James took Emma from him, who was still crying out for her dead mommy. William’s froze in fear but refused to cry.

It was painful. When you hear the word rape you certainly don’t think of a gentle action. No. This was rough, unprovoked and violent. Will was a man though. He didn’t scream…didn’t cry…nor make any motion that anything was even happing to him. He was numb. He might as well be dead for that was how numb he felt. The big robber took his time too. He didn’t make it easy for William. The poor boy laid in the snow afterwards, so silent and still that one would wonder if he was breathing. His dull senses could still hear Emma crying nearby but her sobs were weak and strained. She was on her last legs. Will was expecting to be shot immediately but the big robber let him lay in the snow and walked over to join James. Probably to have a double go at his poor little sister.

Will looked around. His gaze was hazy from pain and hidden anger. His green eyes fell on his fathers fire axe. He knew how to wield it from years of doing his fathers work. He dug into the snow and pulled himself toward it. He stood shaky, glancing behind him to check and see if either robber had noticed. No…they were crotched over something small that had stopped crying. Good girl. Hang in there. He ignored the pain and the blood running down his leg and grabbed the axe out of the log before stumbling over. They must have been distracted with Emma if they couldn’t hear him.

He stood behind the kneeling James and lifted his axe up. James was just a piece of wood, he told himself. Just wood… He let the axe drop down on him. It cleaved into James’ shoulder and neck junction. He gagged some wordless sound and blood shot out of his wound and onto the snow, his robber friend and Williams angelic face. In a flash, the arm holding the pistol was next. Will wasn’t sure if he’d caught the arm mid-air or not but he remembered prying the gun out of his dead fingers and turning it on the big robber. Two shots to the gut and he downed him. Oh no…he wasn’t dead. Not by a long shot. He was just bleeding in the snow and unable to move his big limbs.

James was very dead however. Blood loss and injuries from the first two blows with the axe did him in. William pushed his body out of the way in a desperate search of his beloved baby sister. He found her easy enough. Laying in the snow with her eyes shut and her lips blue and slightly parted. He didn’t even have to check for a pulse. She was dead.

William almost cried. Almost. Now was not the time he realized though. He dropped the pistol into the snow and took up the fire axe again. He stared down like a blood spattered angel at the whimpering man in the snow. He actually had the gall to beg William not to kill him. Pathetic. A murderer was born this day. Someone who the nation would one day look upon and cringe at the nature of his crimes. William took his time too…and he didn’t make it easy for the big robber. He chopped off all four limbs and just before the fatass bled out, the head came off. He chopped the rest of him into little pieces, until he was an unrecognizable pile of mush. Then he did the same to James’ already dead body.

Will sat in the carnage for a few hours, letting his blood lust die among side his mother and precious sister. His stomach growled in hunger as the sun began to rise and he looked around. He HAD to live. If not for himself , then for his mother and sister who had loved him so much. If he was going to do that, then he needed to eat. The only thing around was the dead bodies however. The robbers were already getting picked at by the wolves and his bother was already a feast for crows. He turned his bloody face toward his little sisters frozen little body…untouched by animals and decay.

Dear god…he prayed…Forgive me.

He cut pieces from her and only ate what he needed to. He did not cry as he had to. She was dead…and she’d want him to live, right? She always did tell him she loved him the most. She was saving him so she should be happy. He didn’t touch her pretty face with his blade. That would be preserved. He wrapped her remains in the old wool blanket she loved so much and dragged the corpse into the woods to bury her. Half way there, he forgot his shovel. He was still too afraid to drop his fire axe after all. So he left her body there as we went back to the house to go get it. He found the police there waiting for him when he arrived.

It took both of them to hold him and pry the axe from his grip. He snarled and lashed out at them, kicking, biting and struggling. He had to get away and bury Emma! Luck was no longer on his side. He had used the last of his luck killing the robbers. He was haled off to the police station and shoved in one of those locked rooms with nothing but a desk and two chairs. They fed him real food, in which he downed greedily as they let a woman clean his face up. He was just a kid after all.

A large officer came in with a clip board and pen. He was a slightly heavy set man with a dark complexion. “Hello son, my name is officer Simmons…Can you tell me your name?”

The boy swallowed the water he was given in one big gulp and caught his breath. “William de Marr, sir.”

He noded and wrote that down. “okay William. Can you tell me what happened back there?”

Will paused. “Robbers came and attacked our house. They killed Momma.”

“so you killed them back?”

“Yes sir.”

“you don’t seem upset, boy.”

Will smiled…the first sly smile of many. “No sir. I’m not. I’m glad their dead.”

The officer wrote that down. “and…due to the way you look and the manner in which they were found…you did that too?”

“Yes sir.”

Officer Simons paused, highly disturbed by the smile the child had. “How old are you William?”

“Ten, sir.”

“Ten…dear god.” he put a hand to his head and wiped his brow. “I have a daughter around that age William. Children shouldn’t be exposed to that sort of thing.”

Will shrugged and looked at the table.

The officer looked at his reports again with a sigh and sat down. “your sister was found in the woods. Looks like the wolves must have gotten to her son. I’m sorry.”

Will’s head turned at an eerie angle. “Wolves? Why is that…?”

“Errr well….” Simons had been told not to lie to the kid if he asked. “She…looks like she’s been eaten.”

“I see.” His smile returned and it made Simons reel back in slight horror. How could he smile about something like that!? This child was not right in the head. Not anymore.

“Do you know something we don’t, William?”

The smile stayed. “Maybe. But it’s none of your business anyway.”

William would say no more on the subject. Simons spoke to his boss and they came to only one choice. The juvenile detention facility. He’d be sent there until he was eighteen and then tested to see if his condition improved. He was too senile for an orphanage. The kid was a killer, officer Simons swore. Somehow the officer knew this would not be the first and only time…and he swore that kid ate his sister. His colleagues ignored him. Brushing Williams behavior off as shock that hadn’t set in yet. Simons knew this would not be the last time he ever saw that boy though. And of course, he was right….

End of part 1
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William De Marr
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