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 Patient Admittance Form; Ethan Chu

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PostSubject: Patient Admittance Form; Ethan Chu   Sat Feb 27, 2010 6:05 pm

Patient #14
Name: Ethan Chu
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Appearance: Ethan is five feet, eight inches, and his weight usually hovers between 118-124. He keeps his orange hair spiky and wild, short except for his bangs, which the longest pieces come down to frame his chin. He has pale skin with prominent freckles, as well as gray eyes. His limbs are long and wiry, and he's normally a bit bone-y, but his arms and other more hidden parts of his body are riddled with track marks from drug usage. ( http://hospitalwall.deviantart.com/art/Ethannn-155344152 )

Mental Illnesses:
Histrionic personality disorder - Provocative and seductive behavior, as well as considering relationships more intimate than they are. The patient strives to be the center of attention, yet are influenced easily even though they are always attempting to impress others with stories. They lack emotional liability, as well as are rather shallow. The patient uses their physical appearance to draw attention to themselves, as well as using exaggerated and theatrical emotions. While with this disorder people usually have good social skills and can be successful socially and professionally, they usually are masters at manipulating the center of attention to be on themselves. They don't cope with loss or failure. They entirely lack genuine empathy, and their relationships tend to die when depth ends up needed. Depression may be an issue when the disorder tends to get in the way of romantic relationships. They tend to make rash decisions, and genuinely rapidly shift emotional states to the point to where it seems fake to others. Extremely sensitive to criticism or disapproval, they may even fake other disorders to get attention.

Anorexia nervosa - Intense fear of gaining weight or becoming fat, refusal to maintain body weight at or above a minimally normal weight, and disturbance in the way in which once's body weight or shape is experienced.

Personality: Ethan has two main cravings in life, and that's attention and drugs. As long as there's at least one person laying all of their attention on him, he's complacent and docile, trying to do anything he can to make sure their attention stays on him. He tends to make inappropriate passes on anyone and everyone, whether men or women, authority figures or not. He has little morals, having no objection to continuous drug use. His drug use heightened the inappropriate behaviors, and he had no qualms using his body as a way to get heroin. In relationships, romantic or not, he generally tends to ignore the other person's needs in lieu of his own wants. His anorexia was sparked by a remark from someone he used to date after he gained a few pounds, and he feels he'll be more pleasing to others the smaller he is and generally gets brash and abrasive if the subject of food is brought up. His anger has been an issue for him. When not manipulative or snarky, the key is as long as attention is on him, he's happy. Ethan's disorder stems mostly from a want to be needed and adored, and he's unable to get enough of it. Although he'd never admit it, the lack of parenting in his life always depressed him.

Biography: Ethan was born to a poor family, his mother actually addicted to drugs when she gave birth to him prematurely. Although he was removed by social services from his home, a few years later when his mother died, his father regained custody of him. However, he had already started to do drugs. Because he was frequently ignored, he began acting out in early childhood, which later led to his more inappropriate behaviors as a young adult. In his early teens he began to use them as well, trying to be accepted by his father and using them to help cope when he realized the other didn't care. He found a crowd that accepted him because of it, and eventually ended up running away from home. Eventually he was arrested for prostitution, and was involuntarily committed into a detox program, where a psychological examination determined his disorders. He was sentenced to be in Abattoir until deemed fit enough for regular society again.
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PostSubject: Re: Patient Admittance Form; Ethan Chu   Sat Feb 27, 2010 7:51 pm

Aah ~ different ~

[ accepted. ]
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Patient Admittance Form; Ethan Chu
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