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The Doctor

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PostSubject: HEAD DOCTOR FILE.   Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:37 pm


Name: Abel "The Doctor" Grogoch.
Gender: Male.
Age: Twenty-Seven.

Appearance: Sketchy picture is sketchy. He has medium-length, spiky, copper hair. It shines in those doctor spotlights brightly. His eye is a light teal, that seemingly glints with hidden... something. His right eye is covered with an eyepatch. It's red with a white cross on it. He wears somewhat calming colours—just a white sweater over a grey button-up shirt and a red tie. He sports an ID tag with his name and picture of him (before the accident, too, so he has both eyes). With a slim build and pale complexion, if it weren't for the ID, he could be mistaken for a patient.   

Personality: He's shady. Always smiling, no one really knows what's up with him. He likes being in control, and thinks every one of the patients are inferior if they do not fit the requirements for his plan. If things go awry, then he deals with the problem swiftly; it usually ends with someone being killed. He enjoys knives and sharp needles (usually with a deadly substance inside), and messing with the patients' minds. He doesn't like to be called or referred by his real name. He insists you use the terms "Doctor", "Head Doctor", or just "sir". He refers to patients as "dear" or "sweetie". There is malicious intent behind every word.

Good or Bad?: Well, he is the Head Doctor. He runs the entire hospital. I'd say he's pretty bad.

Biography: No one actually knows the Doctor's histor... He comes from Scotland though. The one known event of his past happened at the Asylum. Back when he had first been promoted to Head Doctor, a fight broke out between two criminally insane patients. All the other doctors and guards were too scares to break it up, so Abel dove on. On that day, he got a knife in his eye and killed his first two people.
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