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 Patient Admittance Form: Matthew 'Matt' Smith

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PostSubject: Patient Admittance Form: Matthew 'Matt' Smith   Fri Feb 26, 2010 11:30 pm


Patient #: #24
Name: Matthew 'Matt' Smith
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Appearance: Matt is your regular army guy. His light brown hair is trimmed close to his head, while various tattoos adorn his muscular arms and body. His eyes are a bright blue. He stands roughly at 6'4", and weighs around 170 pounds. He can be most commonly found wearing camouflage pants with a chain on the right pocket, regulation army boots, and a brown-green shirt with dog tags. He also has a lighter with him, which is most likely a bad idea.

Mental Illnesses:
Pyromania (Classification ICD-10 F63.1) Pyromania is an illness in which the patient receives feelings of happiness for setting things on fire. It may also be used as a form of stress release.
Attention Deficiency Hyper Disorder (ADHD) (Classification ICD-10 F90) ADHD is a disease in which attention problems and hyperactivity are combined, but occur infrequently alone.
Pyrophilia (No Classification) Pyrophilia is described as receiving sexual pleasure from starting or witnessing fires or using fire-related aids.
Spectrophobia (No Classification) Spectrophobia is the fear of one's own reflection or mirrors.

Personality: Matt has the typical hormone-driven brain of a 25-year old. He is impulsive, reckless, and rarely does things without thinking them through. He joined the army so that he could kill "Nazi Commies". Matt is also not the brightest in the bunch. Matt is also quite happy-go-lucky, and believes that as long as he has a lighter and some beer, he'll have a good time. Even better if the two are combined. Matt is also fairly energetic, which is made worse by his ADHD. Matt doesn't see the need to deal with his illnesses. He believes that they are perfectly natural. Unfortunately, he can't go back to the army until he deals with his problems. Matt always has a lighter, and has been known to stare at it for hours on end, quietly muttering to himself. He has been also known to pleasure himself through fire, and has also burned himself several times as a result of his fire-playing getting out of hand. His fear of mirrors is actually quite crippling to his life. Anytime he sees a mirror or his reflection, he freaks out and tries to destroy the source of his reflection through the fastest means possible, usually punching them and running like hell. This has made going to the bathroom a problem for Matt, who has had to pay for numerous broken mirrors. His ADHD is quite annoying to anyone talks to him. He constantly has to be the centre of attention, and often times goes to extreme measures to get attention, or until something shiny comes along and distracts him. Some people wonder how he even got into the army with his ADHD.

Background: Matt was born on June 20, 1985. His father, a soldier in the Vietnam War, filled Matt's head with war stories of bravery and courage, So Matt dragged up the grades he needed and enlisted in the army for life. After his basic training, Matt was sent over to Iraq to fight in the war. During his stay there, he lit things on fire in solitude. Nothing big, a rag of clothing here, a slip of paper here, just to keep himself happy. However, things got out of hand one time at a supply station, where a lit slip of paper accidentally burned into a gas tank, and spread the fire, burning down a supply building and killing three. Matt was sentenced for a military tribunal, but was required to have a psychiatric examination. The psychiatrist noted that in addition to ADHD, which wasn't diagnosed in the 80s, Matt was also a pyromaniac, a pyrophiliac, and a spectrophobe. The psychiatrist wondered how he passed the initial psychiatric examination, and learned that Matt had cheated his way in by memorizing the answers that would deem him legally fit for the army. Matt was then sentenced to Abattoir Asylum, stating that he would be allowed back into the army once he received psychiatric help for his conditions.
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PostSubject: Re: Patient Admittance Form: Matthew 'Matt' Smith   Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:37 pm

Aaah sweeeet fire ~~ useful.

[ accepted. ]
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Patient Admittance Form: Matthew 'Matt' Smith
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