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 Patient Admittance: James McArthur.

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The Riddle


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PostSubject: Patient Admittance: James McArthur.   Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:23 pm


Patient #: #11
Name: James McArthur, nicknamed 'Jimmy'.
Gender: Male.
Age: 22.

Appearance: James is a Scotsman, approximately 5'7" in height, with slightly curled, ginger-coloured hair. His eyes are a deep emerald green colour, and are either half-lidded with cynicism or wide with hysteria. They are also usually dark and shadowed, giving him an innocent yet malevolent facial appearance. He wears basically loose clothing - tight clothing makes him uneasy. He is usually smiling or scowling due to his mood changes, and walks with a slight slouch, as if he doesn't have the strength to stand up straight. He is thin, but muscled, giving him a fair amount of strength. Picture coming soon.

Mental Illnesses:

Schizophrenia (DSM code 295.9) - Undifferentiated Type:

He suffers from random psychotic episodes, and constantly refers to himself as multiple people. He can be fairly delusional, and has issues with organizing his thoughts - they're jumbled, and people must be patient at some points to wait for an answer. It is best to avoid him when he's agitated - he's well-known for his violent episodes, saying that the voices are leading him to his destiny.

Bipolar Disorder (ICD code 296.80):

James can sometimes appear to have odd mood swings that might resemble two beings in one body. Along with his supposed 'voices', this can lead to severe episodes of hysteria, or manic depression. It has also proven, on multiple occasions, to make his delusions and hallucinations worse.

Personality: James' personality is... Odd. Because of his bipolar disorder, and therefore his rapid mood swings, no one can truly place his personality under one subsection. He is usually grinning, however, and cracking perverse jokes or being quite lewd. However, at the flick of a switch, he can immediately revert to a scowling, cursing, violent and temperamental being with no concern for those around him. He has not been seen as truly happy, however - only severely depressed, hysterical, lewd, mocking, furious, and violent. He enjoys doing things that Scotsmen like doing - golfing, eating deep-fried Mars Bars, drinking... However, he is not allowed to do said things anymore, which has caused his personality to become even more violent as of late.

Biography: As any perfect asylum victim starts out, James was a good child - paid attention in school, was well-mannered, had lots of friends... Until the night that he had his first suicidal nightmare. He was frightened, and he had crept towards his parents' room, only to see his father standing over his mother, who was dead on the floor. If asked, he can recall his horror at the sight, even moreso when his father turned, knife in hand, and grinned sadistically as he lunged for James' throat. As the young boy had fled, he kept looking over his shoulder, fearful of not being alone - of being followed. That was the night that the voices first 'came to him'. They soothed him to sleep, saying that they would never hurt him, nor leave him, if he did as they said. And he had promised them that.
He was found a while later, and adopted into a foster family. However, this was only the beginning of things - the well-mannered child inside of him was slowly dying, and he started up smoking at the age of ten as a way to calm himself down. He continued to go to school, and forced smiles for all of his friends - until university. He gained a dorm mate.
James lost it when his roommate pried into his business - the voices had warned him to be careful, but he had not listened. Hysteria erupted as his bipolar nature showed itself, mixing in with his schizophrenia. No one has been able to find that dorm mate ever since. He entered his dorm room one night... And was never heard from again. James woke up that morning with blood on his hands, and panicked until he was soothed by the voices, that everything was alright. More people died in this fashion, until the Scotsman finally realized what was going on.
And he embraced his madness.
James adopted the old customs of the gangs in Glasgow, secretly being a part of one of them.
The ever-famed 'Glasgow Smile' was brought back into the spotlight,
There were many bodies with their faces ripped in half because of this young man.
No one ever suspected that it was the 'boy next door'.
However, as any fantasy must, James' came to a tragic halt.
He was caught by the police while he was gutting a child he was babysitting for an old friend of his - the police were horrified by the scene, and immediately institutionalized him, due to previous offences with regards to sudden bouts of violence in local bars.
He is on a life sentence.
But never show him a knife, or he might just lose it.

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The Doctor

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PostSubject: Re: Patient Admittance: James McArthur.   Tue Feb 23, 2010 11:40 pm

Ohoho ~ such a fierce one... I am pleased. >W> The doctor will see you now ~

[ lol accepted. ]
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Patient Admittance: James McArthur.
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